Hello, My name is Sepideh

Being a sculptor and an artist, I put the art in artisan cakes. I draw inspiration from the whimsical expressions of what you might see in a sculptor, creating my shaped cakes in subtle lines, and lovely designs.


What started out as a love for baking in my kitchen, has become what is now QUINCE PASTRY STUDIO. All of my products are handmade from scratch with the highest quality, and from organic ingredients. This space is meant to celebrate baking and to embrace the idea that good pastry is worth the time to make, just like art.


The pastries and desserts you’ll find in QUINCE PASTRY STUDIO are designed to delight your senses. I like to make pastry pretty and approachable, so I hope you find a lot of that here. QUINCE PASTRY STUDIO has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. You can order your favorite cakes online anytime.